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[cross-project-issues-dev] Did the signing process break ... on 12/18?!

I just happened to notice there were over three hundred unsigned jars in Luna aggregations ...

Normally there are 20 or 40.

In particular I noticed many are from projects that normally have excellent "releng" records, and, further, judging from the "qualifier", appeared many of those were "built" on December 18th.

If this was a releng mis-step, then no big deal ... plenty of time to get it fixed up ... but, I thought I would point it out, since, from my experience, there are time's that once a jar is in a repo unsigned (due to what ever reason, but especially if due to a 'glitch'), then the bundle has to be "touched" so its qualifier increases, so the now new, working signed version gets updated to the repo. Whether or not this is true for the projects in question depends on details of their builds, which I have no knowledge of. I was just so surprised to see so many, thought I'd point it out.

And, by the way, signing seems to be working fine now ... this is just a question of about why so many are unsigned, many of which were built on the same day, apparently.


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