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[cross-project-issues-dev] A formal announcement from Planning Council ... and a change to "new Features in SR releases" policy

The requirements to participate in Sim. Req. were formally approved by the Planning Council at our meeting yesterday. (We always promise to do so by M4). The substance  is the same as it was in previous years, but Neil Hauge and Dani Megert improved the document itself, by improving some of the wording ... and my wordiness! ... partially by simply editing, and partially by moving some of the detailed explanations and history to an "Appendix" so the main document is shorter, easier to read,  and not as intimidating. Much thanks to them.

The change/clarification to "policy" is in our stance on how new features (releases) could go into an SR maintenance release. We have always said "fine", but for a while we changed to say that it had to be released one month prior to RC1. Many pointed out that wasn't helpful to them and that amount of time probably not always required, so we loosened that to say simply that it has to be completely done and "in" RC1, and the release documentation has to available at RC1. So nothing radical ... a compromise on timing ... we still want SRs to be truly "ready for production use", nothing that risks "breaking others", etc. ... we are not encouraging anyone to release just what ever happens to be an the tip of HEAD ... but should be "fully ready", "fully tested", function.  In other words, you don't have to wait until RC1 ... but its there as an option it you feel confident with your new features. For the complete, detailed statement, see


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