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[cross-project-issues-dev] Luna M4: The opt-in deadline approaches

Greetings folks.

Luna M4 is on December 20/2013.

Projects are required to opt-in by that date. As of this moment, I have 56 projects on my list [1]. I'm pretty sure that I'm missing around 20 participants from last year. Opt-in instructions are in the wiki [2]. Note that your PMC will have to appeal on your behalf if you do not opt-in before the deadline.

Participating projects must also have a well-formed project plan by this date. I encourage projects to use the release record metadata [3] to capture plan information, including a short (2-3 sentence) description of the release, milestones, and at least a couple of themes. Note that you can attach Bugzilla queries [4] to individual themes.

If you do choose to use the old school XML-style plan format, please at least provide a description in the release metadata. I'll use this information when I generate a "what's in Luna" page. If we do a good job of this, it will be a tremendous help to the marketing folks when the time comes to start marketing the cool and exciting features in the release. Keep the description concise. No bullets.

FWIW, project and release metadata can be edited by any project member, or member of the associated PMC. So PMC members, you can make minor edits as needed.

By way of reminder, the release cycle and review process is captured in the wiki [5].



Wayne Beaton
Director of Open Source Projects, The Eclipse Foundation
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