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[cross-project-issues-dev] Feature descriptions

So I got a little bogged down this morning helping a community member install some Eclipse software.

At one point, I was connected to a handful of p2 repositories that contained less-than-helpful descriptions. I assume that we actually want people to install our software, and so feel that providing a help description that compels them to do so is a reasonable thing to hope for.

Rather than pick on any individual project, I'd like to invite projects to review your feature descriptions to see if you can be more helpful for potential users and consumers.

e.g. describing the feature named "XXX UI" as "XXX UI Feature" is not particularly helpful. Maybe include a little something to describe why somebody might want to install this rather than, say, the "XXX SDK" (which is described as the "XXX SDK Feature").

Or I can start opening bugs.


Wayne Beaton
Director of Open Source Projects, The Eclipse Foundation
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