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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Are some server clocks awfully off?

Am 09.11.2013 13:28, schrieb Markus Knauer:
I thought that the timestamp is generated on the 'client', i. e. independently from any servers, any pushes, and
especially independently from Gerrit. Is there something wrong on the client, e. g. time zone information?

Thanks for the hint, Markus! We'll check that on Ed's computer...



Regards, Markus

On 9 Nov 2013 13:21, "Eike Stepper" <stepper@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:stepper@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:


    I noticed that the times of our new Git commits are in the future, for example:

    commit 9d4aa6a914a002118271822db1ef4e__64b0bb58d3
    Author: Ed Merks <ed.merks@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:ed.merks@xxxxxxxxx>> 2013-11-10 01:00:44
    Committer: Ed Merks <ed.merks@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:ed.merks@xxxxxxxxx>> 2013-11-10 01:00:44
    Parent: 917282b10554a30317aaf03a4a2e67__e620d9d6ca (Improve setup related models)
    Branches: master, origin/master

    The commit time should be something like 2013-11-09 07:00:44 or so.
    This is totally confusing because our build uses these commit times in the version qualifier replacement.

    Is this a problem in the Git or Gerrit server? Can it be fixed?



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