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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status and outlook for M3

I'm sure everyone is aware that M3 is next week ... all contributions must be "in the build" by Wednesday, at the very latest.

I see a number of projects that are at least partially disabled (I didn't look if 'contribution', 'repo', or 'feature').

I'll be looking at this in more detail, but this note is an offer to help ... are there "blockers" to enabling contributions or features?
Are some projects not participating in Luna and need to be removed?
actf.b3aggrcon -
amp.b3aggrcon -
dltk.b3aggrcon -
emft-egf.b3aggrcon -
mft.b3aggrcon -
pdt.b3aggrcon -
riena.b3aggrcon -
soa-sca.b3aggrcon -
sphinx.b3aggrcon -
stardust.b3aggrcon -

Remember the M4 window is a little shorter than usual, so best if we get "mostly complete" by M3 so there will be time to fix "integration issues" by M4.

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