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[cross-project-issues-dev] Apologies for all the "... Aggregation Failed ...." messages

Just so everyone knows, today someone made a small mistake with the Luna repo (master branch of and I tried to fix it, and, I think, I made things temporarily worse ... guess I should have thought to turn off the builds until it got straightened out.

In the end, I did have to you my "admin powers" to do a non-fast-forward commit to make sure no data was lost. So a) if anything looks funny when you synchronize, you _might_ have to re-clone (Normally, I would not think so, but you might if you pulled the "bad version" while it was being fixed up).

But, pretty sure  I did get everything fixed up without losing anyone's recent changes (well, any changes made this morning ... less sure about anything made in last hour or two).

Let me know if anything looks "off".  And, again, sorry for all the "build failed" messages.


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