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[cross-project-issues-dev] Sirius participating in Luna


The Sirius project will be participating in the Luna release with an offset of +3. The record is here:

To give a little more context, we plan to make our first release as an Eclipse project (Sirius 0.9) in the next few weeks. This release is mostly about adapting the existing code-base (which existed long before Sirius as an Eclipse project) to the new naming and to the Eclipse infrastructure. The plan for this 0.9 is at

Then for 1.0 we will be taking the opportunity of this big renaming to rethink some of the APIs, so that we can move out of incubation for Luna with an architecture and APIs we can be more confident on supporting in the long term. The planned changes include better modularization, efforts on performance and scalability, and ease of use for new adopters. All these changes will follow the Luna schedule for API and feature freeze.

Pierre-Charles David

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