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[cross-project-issues-dev] Wiki page edit problematic for contributors

Hi all,

in the last week, I have received two different reports from contributors that they cannot edit wiki.eclipse.org pages with their Bugzilla account (both of them already successfully reported bugs, and both of them confirmed that they have successfully logged in). One of them also reported that he got an error message something along the lines that his user is not in the user group.

I couldn't confirm the issue, as the wiki is working fine for me, but having two distinct sources with the same issue makes me wonder if it is something more systematic here. Maybe I have a committer user, and they do not, but that should not cause a difference.

Does anyone else heard something along these lines? Or have the wiki editing policies changed lately that I am unaware of?

-- Zoltán Ujhelyi

Fault Tolerant Systems Research Group
Budapest University of Technology and Economics