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[cross-project-issues-dev] Proposed changes in procedures (and file names) ... and Kepler SR1 b3 aggregator editor is ready

Please see and comment in the following bugs if desired.

This one mostly has to do with changes in procedure for next year.
Bug 418432 - change in "automatic disablement" procedure for next year's Sim. Release (Luna +1)

This one is related to changes in procedures, but I'd like to make the change now, and might effect projects that have automated scripts
to update their b3aggrcon files (if you do, please comment in bug).
Bug 298259 - Change .b3aggrcon filenames to match Project's (key) name in Foundation database

Lastly, I've updated the "how to contribute" wiki now to direct people to install the b3 aggregator from the .../update-4.3 repository, into a Kepler SR1 version of your favorite IDE. As soon as M2 is is done, I'll update the production machine to use that version (for both Luna, and Kepler aggregation, though should be no change in behavior ... you can continue to use what you have, if you'd prefer) and at the same time fix pesky bug 407545.


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