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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Java 5 no longer supported as runtime?

Hi Daniel, David,

thanks for the pointers, I think that makes it clear. And I actually missed the need for Java 6 in equinox Luna in the first round...

I have no issue with switching to Java 6, my main point was the contradiction in the classes (header saying it needed Java 6) and the 1.5 entry in the manifest for the bundle which confused me. I agree that the latter is a bug.

Anyhow, currently it looks as if Graphiti also needs to switch its BREE to Java 6, but as I said I see no issue in doing that.


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Hi Michael,

Java 5 was not a supported target for any 4.x Eclipse (see project plans
for 4.2 [1], 4.3 [2] and 4.4 [3]) - and this was for sure announced.
That's a general statement.

The Equinox specific announcement is here with
details pointing to

I agree it was easy to miss that change, so I'm cross-posting this
message to equinox-dev - and I propose keep the discussion running

BTW. MANIFEST.MF of org.eclipse.osgi lists 1.5 as supported ee. I think
it is a bug.


Krzysztof Daniel <kdaniel@xxxxxxxxxx>
Red Hat

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