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[cross-project-issues-dev] Kepler quiet week begins ... as does Luna M2 contribution window

At least they are not due on exactly same date, but close enough that M2 must be "in progress" before the formal release of Kepler SR1.

Kepler SR1 is due to be released on Friday 9/27 and the last opportunity to contribute to Luna M2 repository is Wednesday 10/2. The Eclipse Platform has provided their Luna M2 today as scheduled.

As always, you do not have to wait until your +n day before making a contribution, and especially for anyone making "big" changes (e.g. changing features, changing major/minor versions, pre-reqs, etc.) are encourage to contribute "warm up" contributions, even if your very final M2 is done later, on your official +n day -- just the normal "rampdown practices" to integrate at the end of a milestone.

If your contribution (or, repository, or features) are still "disabled", I'll ask that you make sure you enable it when ready. I'll be saying more on this soon, but it won't literally apply until next year, so for now, ask that you enable.

If any questions (about either Kepler or Luna) just ask. If you need help, you can ask for that too! (or, open a cross-project bug).



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