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[cross-project-issues-dev] Patch application is broken in Kepler SR1

In our product, we support Kepler and Kepler SR1 from the same release. In order to provide backwards compatibility, we have patches that apply if install target is Kepler. The patches are built to reference the version of a feature that exists in Kepler (a different version is in Kepler SR1). The patches are referenced as optional feature includes from other product features.


In Juno and prior, if a patch doesn’t apply, there would be an error in p2 ui and user can deselect the patch. In Kepler, the patch is installed, despite the fact that it is for a version of the feature that doesn’t exist in the target. Further, the plugins from the patch, which have lower version than plugins originally in the target are activated. Naturally, this breaks everything, since now we have a feature from SR1 that was forced to accept older versions of some of its plugins.


Is this related to the p2 problem solving abilities added in Kepler? If so, is there a way to turn that off? Any other ideas on how to get patches working properly in Kepler?




- Konstantin

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