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[cross-project-issues-dev] Planning to remove "old" versions of org.junit from Orbit's active builds (for Luna M2)

See bug 417204. [1]

We currently have 6 versions of org.junit in Orbit's active builds, so I'm planning to remove at least 4 of them.
According to current logs (and Luna M1) only 4.11 and 3.8 are "in use", so appears it would not effect anyone, but ... thought I'd post this note in case there is some subtle use that is not obvious by looking at only "simultaneous release".  Note, this does not effect anything that is already in an existing R-build/repository.

Please comment in bug, if you actively need one of the earlier 4.x versions (or, 3.8). Scout is the only one is Sim. Rel. that appears to be using 3.8, so opened bug 417261 [2] specifically for them to comment if they really need it or not. (and, if so, that's fine -- I'll definitely leave 3.8 and 4.11 in active build for Luna M2 and might remove 3.8 later, if not really needed).



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