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[cross-project-issues-dev] Reminder of our "Final Daze" ...

Just wanted to be sure to remind everyone there is only one "build" left for Kepler SR1. All contributions must be complete by next Wednesday (9/18) and, if I recall, the "RC4" EPP packages are not promoted to "downloads" on that Friday, since that would be like "releasing early".

Remember our "quiet week" ... after all the code is "in" next week, the following week (9/23 to 9/26) is the time to do final testing, final "renames", move to final locations so can be mirroring, etc., but please leave your final build locations and final p2 repositories "invisible" until 9 AM Friday 9/27, the official "release date". (In other words, let's be "coordinated" for our coordinated service release).

Any rebuilds after 9/18 would be only for "damaging" type bugs, and (likely) require review/approval by the Planning Council. But, if you just have a "bad bug", you can at least document a work around or warn your users or prepare a "feature patch" for your own project's repository site.  

If you want the wordy version, see
(It doesn't cover SRs specifically, but same ideas).

One thing not to forget: if anyone has updated their "docs", quiet week is a good time to open a bug for "Kepler SR1 doc updates" so webmasters can update the "info center" for Kepler.

As always, if any questions feel free to ask on this list, and be sure to keep us informed if anyone has trouble making their +n day.


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