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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Be sure to update b3 aggregator editor, or may see error about "Feature 'allowLegacySites' not found"


what is the recommended b3 version to use ? because it seem that the b3 Juno's version cannot be installed in Eclipse Juno SR2 & Eclipse Kepler (missing dependencies).

Best regards,

Le 18/03/2013 03:05, David M Williams a écrit :
The wiki [1] was recently updated to direct Simrel participants to use Juno SR2 and add the aggregator using the the "4.2" stream of the b3 aggregator. (I just noticed a few days ago, myself, that it was out of date).

The reason this is important is that a new feature was recently added to the aggregator's model, that we will take advantage of, where you can set "allowLegacySites" (the default is true, to match existing default behavior, but we set it to false for our SimRel aggregation). "Legacy" in this case, refers to the old update manager site format. As I'm sure you all know, it has long been a written rule that participating projects provide "optimized p2 repositories", but now the tool will do a little more checking for us. There has been a few times in the past, when a project mistakenly published a site such that only the "site.xml" file was provided, not a "content.jar/xml" file so this will simply help catch those few mistakes as soon as they occur. (p2, and the aggregator, handle both types of sites, but the site.xml update manager style is less efficient and less rich).

But, it does require everyone have a current version of the tool, or else your own "verifications" in your own b3 aggregator editor, will fail on our Kepler model since we now specify that attribute. (That is, it will fail right away, just because it doesn't recognize that attribute of the model, not that there is anything wrong with your contribution).  

Thanks, (and, sorry for the short notice).

And, thanks to Thomas Hallgren for adding the feature. (bug 389296)


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