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[cross-project-issues-dev] Mylyn Intent 0.9 (+2) participation in Luna

Mylyn Intent 0.9 will be participating in the Luna release train. The offset of Intent is +2.

For those who might wonder, Mylyn Intent is an open source documentation environment, that allows you to keep your doc synchronized with any development artifact (Source code, Models, Dependencies...) . Any time you make a change on the code, Intent will compute and display synchronization issues showing the sub-parts of your doc that needs to be updated, leaving you the choice to update the doc right away, or later (e.g. just before a release).

You can find an initial project plan here , but it may evolve according to the community needs.

Of course, feedbacks are welcome, please do not hesitate to spam the dev team on Intent forum

Best regards and may the doc be with you!

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