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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Status and Outlook for Luna M1

Hi Grégoire,

The editor validated, so I hope the build will pass too. ATL and Acceleo have now been reenabled for Luna, though that will only be useful for M2 now.

Laurent Goubet

On 02/09/2013 16:34, Laurent Goubet wrote:
Disabling all projects every year will always cause such issues : the Acceleo team was in holidays for most of August, which makes us "miss" M1. The same goes for ATL. Per change, we had one of the EMF Compare Team at hand to activate that one contribution (and even still, he had to tweak our build to manually remove features for which our dependencies are also marked as disabled).

I think that leaving the contributions "enabled" would be better than forcing everyone into this situation : we have to load the aggregator, enable our contribution, check if it works... and come back at regular intervals to check for our dependencies' enablement. This is time consuming for those of us who depend on a few projects... and frustrating since we know that we are in turn blocking others. Not to mention that this always comes at a time where most of us are in holidays and just cannot react.

I think this had already been discussed last year, and I do not know if leaving all projects "enabled" by default is better, at least it would not block anything.

Grégoire, Acceleo will be enabled some time tomorrow (CEST), sorry for the wait.

Laurent Goubet

On 22/08/2013 18:11, Grégoire Dupé wrote:

I'm still waiting for Acceleo and ATL (may be more) to deliver MoDisco.

It's quite late in Europe; I've to leave the office.

I assume that MoDisco will not be included in Luna M1 :-(


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Ok, it's Thursday morning :)

Only a few more have been enabled, but that includes DTP and BIRT, so that should help Luna (Kepler RC1 repo is already considered done).

That allowed me to enabled the "JPA" portions of WTP (since depends on DataTools) which, I noticed, some others depended on,
but I had to leave WTPs "JPA Diagram Editor" disabled, since it depends on Graphiti, which is not enabled yet.

Which brings me to my main point. Scanning the list of 22 disabled contributions, I'd guess about half are "leaf" components, so if you don't get enabled, it'd hurt no one but your self ... and maybe community and adopters? But, I'd guess, the other half such as "graphiti", "gmf"? a few emf ones? and DLTK are definitely "building blocks" that need to be enabled or else others downstream can not function or be enabled. If you are a "consuming" project and need some of those lower level ones enabled, I'd encourage a lot of "project-to-project" communication so they know how much you depend on them, and the effect they have by being "late" or incomplete, etc.

So, I'm just asking everyone to be aware of your place in the eco system and plan accordingly. I suspect I'm just stating the obvious ... but not sure what else I can do to help.


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