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[cross-project-issues-dev] Implementations of BundleFileWrapperFactoryHook need updated with latest changes in Equinox

This should not impact very many in the community that have adopted Luna M1.  Any implementations of org.eclipse.osgi.internal.hookregistry.BundleFileWrapperFactoryHook from Luna M1 will need to change when adopting Luna M2.  A recent change [1] has been released to equinox that changes the return type of the method BundleFileWrapperFactoryHook.wrapBundleFile(BundleFile, Generation, boolean)

Folks may be wondering why I am announcing anything for changes made to classes from an 'internal' package.  These are the equinox specific hooks that allow others to augment the behavior of the framework implementation.  They allow fragments to plug into the implementation details of the framework and we do not treat them as real API.  With that said we try to keep the changes to a minimum to avoid breaking equinox framework hook implementations.


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