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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] JFace Generics

Coming late to the discussion I don't want to repeat previous
statements, so let me just cast my vote, 2 votes actually:

From all I saw, the most dangerous reasoning, IMHO, is to say:
  This had to be released early in order to make people react.
So a team wants attention from others to get feedback, fine.
But if the only way the team can get the desired attention
is by forcing the change on dependent folks, this is an act
of violence. Violence is not something that will make a lot
of people happy, not to mention glorifying violence.

You may compare this to previous situations: p2, e4, you name
it. There may have been good reasons for pushing stuff hard
to adopters and users, I'm sure I don't know all these reasons.
But I sure remember more anger than happiness in both stories.
Please nobody glorify the negative impact any of these stories
had on dependent people - who have their own business to mind.

Quite the opposite, I consider Lars' behavior very agreeable:
without much ado he accepts responsibility and initiates the
right step in this situation: move the disputable development
to a branch, where it can continue without breaking others
(who have their own problems to solve).
Thanks Lars for responsible behavior!


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