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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Pre-M1 Aggregation Repository

Is this really better than using single simrel repo as build target
platform? I mean, all these repositories get aggregated into simrel repo
on regular basis, so if we ignore reasonable short lag from the moment
new stuff becomes available in individual repositories and when the
aggregated repository is created, both individual repositories and the
aggregate should include the same versions.

There is one major difference. Aggregate repository will likely
have less features than individual repositories, so it will be much
easier to have successful build that will not be possible to aggregate.


On 2013-08-21 4:11 PM, Konstantin Komissarchik wrote:
Just thinking out loud... We already have information about what individual
repositories go into a given simrel aggregation build. What if the build
produced a report listing the input repositories? From there, it's a
relatively small step to have the portal show the project's contributed URLs
for various simrel releases.

Of course, that will expose another problem, that many projects contribute a
mutable repository to aggregation...

- Konstantin

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A single repo that has everyone's builds, milestones and releases would make
the situation worse rather than better. Whether you use an uber p2 repo with
links or Maven. The issue is how do you control that you are building
against a particular build of your dependency. Instead of having to manage
the URL of the build, you have to manage the version of each feature from
that build that your build is consuming. After all, you don't want to just
pickup the random newest version. That's a lot more work.

- Konstantin

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Nexus does not support mutable p2 repositories similar to maven, so we will
have to deploy separate p2 repository per build per project. I am not sure
what advantages this will have compared to existing download area, and we
will still have no easy way to tell what repositories should be used for
what yearly release.


On 2013-08-21 3:47 PM, Matthias Sohn wrote:
On Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 7:45 PM, Igor Fedorenko
<ifedorenko@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:ifedorenko@xxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

     Again, I am not arguing against building with individual dependency
     repositories. All I am saying there is currently no convenient way to
     this and I don't have the time&resources to maintain such fine-grained
     dependency configuration. I am particularly concerned about two

     First, I need to find location of proper dependency versions to build
     for luna, kepler and juno (we have N-1 compatibility policy). Second,
     need a way to know if these dependency repositories go stale and need
     be updated.

     One way to address these is to require each participating project
     provide separate repository URL they recommend for use as build target
     for each yearly release and make list of these URLs documented

maybe it would help if we would ask all projects to deploy their
snapshots/milestones/releases into Nexus (
<>). This would simplify finding all these p2
repositories in a central place.


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