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[cross-project-issues-dev] Pack200 Terror


The Kepler aggregator keeps complaining like:

org.eclipse.osgi.signedcontent.InvalidContentException: The file "Xyz.class" in the jar "/tmp/signatureFile8275609294440704505.jar" has been tampered!

I've tried everything to fix it, e.g.:

1) Flattened the single nested jar
2) Retained the unconditioned jars in addition to the pack.gz files (-Dsite.retain.unpacked=true)
3) Used a JDK1.6 jarprocessor as recommended by David (-Dorg.eclipse.update.jarprocessor.pack200=/shared/common/jdk1.6.0-latest/bin)
4) Disabled conditioning in Buckminster altogether (-Dsite.pack200=false)

The status quo is that I have no nested jars and no pack.gz files. The aggregator still complains. Even about two jars that I've taken from Orbit (i.e. not built myself).

I've herad that some other projects have similar problems. Could this be caused by changes in the aggregator configuration? Or by changes in the signing process?

Need help!!!



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