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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Eclipse Build 3.8.2 to move to "archives"

Am 21.08.2013 05:04, schrieb David M Williams:
Actually, it has been there on archives since March .... but, the purpose of this note is to give warning it will be
removed from "downloads server".

This will only impact you if you have any build or download scripts that point specifically to the "downloads" version.

By "downloads version" do you mean Zip(s)?

We still have a maintenance build that populates the target platform from Is that a problem?



For now, I've left a modified, place-holder version of the "3x" HTML page in its usual place in case anyone has it
bookmarked ...

While the downloads are no longer available from that page, I will leave the downloads where they are on downloads
server, say, for another week, in case anyone does need to adjust any scripts. Please comment in bug 415509 if you need
a little more time than that to adjust your scripts.

In case you are wondering ... no change to p2 repository URL.


P.S. I am still working on the "style" of our regular downloads page,
so if you have any "big" comments about what's on that page, feel free to comment in bug 415509 ... but, there's no need
to tell me the the spacing is off :)

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