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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Ready for Luna (M1) aggregation

We retired the Simultaneous Release Tracker some time ago.

The primary functionality was moved to the PMI. We track the project, SR0 release, and offset (which are the only parts of the Simultaneous Release Tracker that we've been using over the last couple of years).

I haven't got the simultaneous release tracking stuff documented yet. I'll add that to my list. In its current form, only I can create new simultaneous release records, or edit the participation information. My current thought is to open this up to Planning Council representatives. In the past, individual projects could specify their participation information. We may go this way as well.

What do you need to do?


On 08/19/2013 02:02 PM, Alexander Gurov wrote:
Hello all,

Could anyone please help me find to where "simultaneous release tracker" went to? I can't find it nor at the, nor at the project page to where it was supposedly moved to (and where I last saw it at a time of Kepler Simultaneous Release)?

Thank you in advance.

To answer the question no one is asked yet: yes, I did reread few times the article , but to no avail. :)

Best regards,
Subversive Team
Alexander Gurov.

09.08.2013 17:06, David M Williams wrote:
I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer vacations ... but now back to work! :)

We do have a preliminary schedule for Luna milestones, see
(though, that one table is only part of that document to review, at the moment).

The complete schedule is still open for review and "tweaking", but the first several milestones are pretty much a given, and the first one is due in two weeks! The overall schedule (of having approximately 6 week milestones) is pretty much just like previous years. The one main difference is that we "moved up" M5 and M6 to make sure M6 finished before EclipseCon 2014 started (so ... we don't allow an "extra week" for end-of-year holidays) and this M5 and M6 change means M7 is a week longer than usual: 8 weeks instead of 7!

As always, we hope everyone in 'kepler' stays in 'luna', but ... to make sure ... we require explicit "buy in". In practice, this means I started the 'master' branch with what ever it was for Kepler, but then set enabled="false" for everyone's contribution.  If you plan to be in Luna, please removed the enabled="false" from your "contribution element". If you are not quite ready to actually make a contribution, you can put enabled="false" in your "repository element" to signify the difference of "planning to participate", but "contribution not ready yet". If nothing else, you may simply have to wait until your pre-reqs make their contributions.

I have enabled the contributions for Eclipse and Equinox (with out likely Luna M1 content), and produced a preliminary "staging" repo ... which has only those two projects in it, at the moment.

Let the fun begin! As always, questions to this list are welcome.

cross-project-issues-dev mailing list

Best regards,
Alexander Gurov,
Subversive Team.

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