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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Branch in simrel repo targeting Kepler SR1?

The answer is now "yes". I have created branch

I've changed the hudon job to use that branch now:

The branch has basically what ever was in the 'master' branch, except I did change a few URLs to their "released" version, trying to get a green build ... but ... I couldn't do it.
I changed Eclipse and Equinox (naturally) to their released URL ... and also changed ObjectTeams URL to what I assumed is released version (since previous version no longer there).
Then ran into problem with Gyrex and pack.gz files ... tried to disable that, but then there was some other problem related to
Missing requirement: org.eclipse.riena.demo.client.webtheme 5.0.0.v20130605_5_0_0_0 requires 'package org.eclipse.rap.rwt 0.0.0' but it could not be found
So at that point I "gave up" and will let projects update their own URLs and contributions for Kepler SR1.

The Kepler SR1 schedule is at
please note that "RC1" is due this month!
It is considered a "warmup" ... that is we don't recommend adopters test it as a true "release candidate", but ... we do need to make sure everything can still "build" and leave it up to projects (and adopters) to decide how much testing to give it.

I'll send other reminders, but remember, once we get green builds, they will be promoted into the "staging" area called
'maintenance' instead of 'staging' ... namely

The deadline for Luna M1 "overlaps" with RC1 ... that will be the next note ...

Thanks for your prompt attention to the issues causing Kepler aggregation failures!

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No, nothing yet .... I'll get that set up within a few days or week.

"Wenz, Michael" <michael.wenz@xxxxxxx>
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[cross-project-issues-dev] Branch in simrel repo targeting Kepler        SR1?
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is there already a branch in the simrel repo ( for contributions for Kepler SR1? “KeplerPostRC4_branch” rather looks like it was intended for the Kepler respin…


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