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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Source code in simrel aggregate repo

I suspect that what has happened in at least some of the cases is that the requirements of the corresponding EPP package drove what was contributed to the simrel repository. A natural effect, but not ideal, since the user base for the simrel repo is more diverse in their requirements.


Should this continue to be at project’s discretion or should contributing source to simrel repo be a requirement? I doubt that projects would object to contributing source if asked, but maybe it would be better spelled out up front.


- Konstantin



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This has always been viewed to be the contributing project's decision. (Which ... is true in general ... some projects do not contribute ALL their features to common repo; such as perhaps not examples, perhaps not some of the rarer functions, etc.). I know for WTP, it was thought best to minimize download (so no source ... last I knew), since it was intended for people developing web apps ... not for people developing plugins for WTP.

Hope that answers what you were asking.

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As part of working on the definition for Eclipse Ultimate Edition, I have discovered that a number of prominent projects do not contribute source to the simrel repo. Before I start opening bugs, is there prior context or discussion on whether or not source code should be in the simrel repo? Note that I am not asking whether source code should be in a particular package as that’s dependent on the user that the package is targeting.
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