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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Are too many packages actually hurting Eclipse?

On 07/30/2013 03:23 PM, Campo, Christian wrote:
Thats what I am told that "Ultimate" is everything. You can probably still install more, and IntelliJ does not do C/C++ or other languages (I believe).
The comparison with IntelliJ may not be very helpful when it comes to packaging because IntelliJ is much less than what Eclipse is. IntelliJ isn't much more than a Java IDE; Eclipse is one level-up as a development platform.

So what we only had Java and C++ as the Prime Packages and then have specialized Packages less prominent lower on the bottom of that page ?
Just assuming that a Java developer wants to do J2ee, RCP, Webtools, Modeling and reporting….
As a RCP developer, I really don't want webtools in my IDE. But I'd be fine with having to remove it once a year.
And I don't think JEE developers want PDE in their IDE. And they would be annoyed by having to remove stuff from the default package.
So I'm not sure the "Java" package should be so wide to include PDE/RCP/Modeling. Also, everyone doing RCP/Modeling stuff already has advance knowledge of Eclipse and is good as creating his own installation; I don't think such effort of refactoring packages should target the "Plugin developer" type of users.

The package should be sorted on the page according to the result of Eclipse user survery ( page 11).

And seriously what again is "Standard" vs Java vs Java EE ?
I agree with that point. I'd rather see those 3 ones replaced with a general "Java and JEE" package. It seems to make total sense with the current status of Java development use-cases.
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