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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Preferences (topic was touched in "Eclipse smells kind of dead" thread)

I understand your point about the lack of resources. For sure, more contributors/workforce would be the solution to most issues.
But let's face it, the "lack of resources" problem has been there for years, and despite of all efforts made by the project teams, the number of contributors doens't grow that much. In parallel to making efforts to get more contributors, we have to deal with this lack of resources in the Eclipse community. A way to deal with this is to provide some guidance to make the best things happen with the current amount of contributors. And Eclipse Foundation is IMO the only organization which is able to be efficient at listening to the "market" of IDEs and provide summaries of what people from outside of the community see as main issues in Eclipse in a sustainable. Then the Foundation could provide recommendation to projects so they could take them into account in their roadmap or in the way they prioritize bugs.
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