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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] FW: [Doug on the Eclipse CDT] New comment on "Eclipse smells kind of dead"???.

[Cc'ing to recommenders-dev]

Wayne Beaton wrote:
> It's an interesting thought.
> But it sounds a lot like the Usage Data Collector (UDC). Unfortunately,
> we didn't collect this sort of information and the UDC has been shut down.
> Any time you "call home", you're going to make somebody angry. There are
> always privacy issues to consider. This means that some sort of UI
> element is required to allow the user to opt in.
> At this point in time, we do not have the resources to re-implement the
> UDC or something like it.

Well, not entirely.

At the moment, we at Eclipse Code Recommenders) have a GSoC project
running on Usage Data Collection for Code Completion. At the moment, it
keeps track of what completion engines you use, on what things you
trigger, etc., but Timur (the student working on this) is already
expanding this to cover the commands used in the UI (see [1] for a
screenshot of an early prototype). It doesn't yet "call home".

Now, the direction we planned to be heading with Timur's work was not
exactly collecting usage data on preferences (it's Eclipse Code
Recommenders, after all, not Preference Recommenders) -- although, come
to think of it, statistics like "92% of all Eclipse users enable line
numbers. Do you want them, too?" would be funny or even useful.

Long story short, there is "something" going on in the area of
usage-data collection. If you want to make suggestions or comment on
Timur's prototype, please head on over to the recommenders-dev list [2].



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