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[cross-project-issues-dev] LTS releases (was Re: 6 month release cycle)

Hi Jesse

The true nature of the LTS has been very poorly disseminated with the result that everyone is very confused. At EclipseCon France I think I succeeded in getting to the bottom of my mis-expectations.

a) The LTS will not provide any further releases. i.e. no SR3, SR4, SR5 etc.
b) The LTS provides no publicly accessible repositories for fixes
c) The original committers have no commit rights for LTS activities
(NB this is right: maintaining code with paranoid stability requires a very different mind-set to developing code).


a) The LTS coordinates maintenance teams to provide legacy fixes
b) All fixes are publicly available via Bugzilla
c) LTS builds will be proprietary and just a pick and mix of those bug fixes that are important to the company doing the build

For comparison.

Any company is able to create a proprietary Eclipse release today and charge customers for it. This is exactly what will happen in LTS. The difference/improvement is that those companies interested in having in-house LTS releases pool their efforts to fix legacy bugs and make those fixes available individually.


        Ed Willink

On 03/07/2013 18:30, Jesse McConnell wrote:

LTS currently relies upon the existence of a simultaneous release as its starting point. The LTS working group would be a very poor replacement for the Planning Council in running the simultaneous release. For example, one of the major features of the Planning Council is that it has representation on it from each of the PMCs. The LTS working group steering committee  does not.

ok, fair enough...but if the LTS has been investing so much time and effort into building a process for being able to release updates to simultaneous releases, will they assume that burden from the Planning Council eventually?  Will that effort be rolled back into the simultaneous release process that the Planning Council currently takes care of?

maybe a slight off topic, if so my apologies


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