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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Kepler's final staging repository is complete

The Technology PMC is lead by Gunnar. But Chris and I can take the initiative.

I would not ask for a respin to address the m2e-wtp "problem". IMHO, the errant feature conforms to the spirit of the rules and so does not warrant a respin in and of itself.

I would not, however, say no if there is an opportunity to slip the corrected feature JAR in.

Is that vague and non-committal enough?


On 06/13/2013 02:42 PM, David M Williams wrote:
So, now we have two requests.

And, luckily for you all, I am not the (final) decision maker here ... for me, it has to be a "causes the machine to burst into flames" sort of problem to justify a respin :)

But, there is a Planning Council Exception process and I'm quite happy to listen to the judgement of other planning council members if the risks are worth the benefits.  

So, I'd like the Planning Council rep for these two projects to send "exception requests notes" to Planning Council list (if they agree a respin is required) and solicit the necessary support from other PC members.

I know most of you hate process ... but ... this is one reason why we have it ... so things just don't come down to my judgement.

I've sent an email to Ed (CDOs rep) asking him his opinion and if he agrees to send note to Planning Council list and by this note, ask the m2e-wtp representatives to do the same (you are in Technology project, right? ... so that'd be Wayne or Chris).

I don't mean to belittle either issue (or, "be hard" on anyone personally) ... but ... as a release engineer, I am too aware of the many things that can go wrong with a last minute respin and the risks of making things worse.

Thanks for your patience,

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+1 for a respin. That'd -hopefully- allow the build to pick up a now conform (epl-v10.html/signed) mavenarchiver feature for m2e-wtp.

Fred Bricon

2013/6/13 Eike Stepper <stepper@xxxxxxxxxx>
Am 13.06.2013 20:01, schrieb Ed Willink:


CDO is too important a project to not fix this, so I vote for the (partial) respin.


Maybe next year we can have a bit more reviewing, approving and testing.

I invite you to work on CDO internals and become a committer, so that you can review us next year :P



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