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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Kepler projects that are missing something that's required for the review

I've marked the recommenders bug as fixed; it's off the list.


On 06/06/2013 04:40 AM, Andreas Sewe wrote:
Hi Wayne,

If your project is on this list, you're missing one of three things:

* Review documentation;
* PMC approval of review documentation; or
* An IP Team-approved IP Log.

The corresponding records for projects that are doing service releases
should already be marked as FIXED and so should not be on this list.

If you believe that your project should not be on this list, let me
know. We juggle a lot of balls with these releases and it's easy to miss
for of all, thanks for doing all the juggling.

Anyway, I think Code Recommenders should not be on the list. As Bug
408897 [1] states, 1.0.4 is a bugfix release (1.0.0 was
approved/reviewed for Juno) and thus does not require a review (and
hence PMC approval of the review documentation? Not sure about this
one). Also, the IP log has been approved.

Best wishes,


[1] <>

Wayne Beaton
Director of Open Source Projects, The Eclipse Foundation
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          France 2013

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