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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] RC3 and Final Daze ...

The GMF Runtime source bundle issue was fixed in RC3 in . It should not show up the next time you run your reports.


From:        Wayne Beaton <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To:        cross-project-issues-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date:        2013/06/05 03:42 PM
Subject:        Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] RC3 and Final Daze ...
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I've broken David's "missing abouts" file into project responsibilities. In some cases, a Kepler project is consuming a non-Kepler project's code. Please connect with the source project's team to address the issue. Note that the full list of files is in the link provided by David

Please address this ASAP.

David, can you please plan to re-run the script on Friday?

EclipseLink or Stardust?

Missing about.html in file: javax.resource_1.5.0.v200906010428.jar


Missing about.html in file: org.eclipse.ecf.*

GMF Runtime

Missing about.html in file: org.eclipse.gmf.runtime.*


Missing about.html in file: org.eclipse.gyrex.*
Missing about.html in file: org.eclipse.gemini.jpa_1.1.0.RELEASE.jar

Web Tools

Missing about.html in file: org.eclipse.jpt.doc.user_3.2.0.v201305240436.jar


Missing about.html in file: org.eclipse.koneki.*
Missing about.html in file: com.cforcoding.jmd_0.8.1.201305031130.jar


Missing about.html in file:


Missing about.html in file: org.eclipse.riena.*
Missing about.html in file: org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.grid_1.0.0.HEAD.jar


Missing about.html in file: org.eclipse.tcf.te.tcf.launch.cdt_1.1.0.201305210728.jar


Missing about.html in file: org.eclipse.xtend.*
Missing about.html in file: org.eclipse.xtext.*


Missing about.html in file: org.sonatype.m2e.mavenarchiver_0.15.0.201207090125-signed-201209140800.jar


Missing about.html in file:
Missing about.html in file:



On 06/05/2013 02:58 PM, David M Williams wrote:
Here we are, nearly at the end of RC3 (remember, staging repo builds close at 5 PM Eastern, unless someone notifies us here they need an extra hour or two).
I am a little disappointed there is still so much work for some projects to do to meet minimum requirements to be "released",
But, I guess every year there are some projects that like to "save it to the very end".

The main purpose of this note is to educate everyone on some of the mechanics over the next few weeks .... what we call the "Final daze".
For those of you that have been through it before ... it's all the same ... just dates have changed ... but it wouldn't hurt for Project Leads and release engineers to re-read.  For those of you new to Simultaneous Release, I hope you find it a helpful reference on how to make things go smoother, in a more coordinated way.

After reading it, and the documents it links to, please ask here on cross-project list if there are questions, issues, or suggestions.


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