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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] RC3 and Final Daze ...

Thanks, David.  It's funny how that document has become so much bigger over the years.  Compare to:

From an Infra point-of-view, here are the cliff-notes:

1. Clean up old builds on downloads and archives
-> This ensures our mirrors don't run out of space when we upload another 20 GB of release files.

2. Send us a link to your Infocenter docs, for (bug 408828)
-> We like for to be Kepler-ready the day it's launched.

3. Put your final bits in their final resting places early -- 6/25 10:00am or before -- but don't advertise them.
-> This allows for mirrors to pick them up early, preventing all our bandwidth from being sucked up by mirrors.
-> Renaming files is the equivalent to "delete old and re-download" from a mirror's perspective.  Please don't.

4. Watch this list.  At 9:00am EDT on June 26 we'll post here that all systems GO and you are free to post links to your new release.

5. Blog, Tweet, Celebrate!

If you need assistance with any of this, please ping us directly at webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx!


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