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[cross-project-issues-dev] Kepler M7 repository has been turned on

The main kepler repo has been "turned on" with M7 content. It also has M6 and M5 content, since, as you'll recall, we want/need to test roll-backs, multiple composite effects, etc., since we will eventually release service to same repo. BUT .... if anyone finds notices too many "conflicts" because of large changes between milestones (e.g. features being removed, changing names, etc., then open a cross-project bug and I'll consider disconnecting older milestones).

The M7 EPP packages will be made available today as they get +1 votes from their maintainers.

(So, before downloading one, be sure it says "M7", if that's what you are after.

Test well! Enjoy the new function!

As we finish Kepler and go though the end-game rampdown, don't forget to test various "upgrade" scenarios from Juno releases.

Thanks all,

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