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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status and outlook for M7

Just a reminder that today (Wednesday) is the last day to make contributions towards the M7 Sim. Rel. repository.

As usual, we will set the deadline for 5 PM Eastern ... but, glad to be flexible for a few additional hours, if projects speaks up here to this list and requests additional hour or two (and preferably why)

Don't forget to check the repo reports from time to time ... lots of good stuff in there to fix for RC1.

Here are two things keeping me awake tonight (among others, not related to Sim. Release):

1) I believe EGit is planning to move to "3.0.0" (still) in M7 and I have seen no "warm up" contributions yet, so I am anxious to see what, if anything breaks from that. (Short runway!)

2) I've not seen a green build for EPP for M7 and in talking to Markus, he's not had time to work on it yet, getting RAP contribution ready ... so, in other words ... I sure hope no one (such as my Platform builds, broke the EPP builds!)

So ... have a good Wednesday! Sleep well. :)

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