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[cross-project-issues-dev] Heads up -- if you use the Eclipse Platform's Test Framework

We are making some changes to our "org.eclipse.test" bundle (the core of "Test Framework") so that two files (library.xml and JUNIT.XSL) are moved "out" of that bundle and moved elsewhere.

So, if you use the test framework to run your own automated tests (and format the results) you may have to make some changes once you start to Kepler M7 to run your tests.

I know some projects, such as WTP, already use their own custom library.xml so in cases like that, there should be no impact. But, for others, it might require a change.

And, in looking to "fix" our documentation to describe this, I have found the documentation to be "beyond repair" ... it is so out of date. So to fix the documentation we'll be moving much of it to the wiki so it will be easier to keep up to date (with the help of everyone who uses it) over the months/years ahead.

Bug 406646 [1] is where we will track the documentation work, and its comment 0 has all the info you need to know, if you do need to react to changes in the test framework. (such as new location of library.xml and JUNIT.XSL). So, please read, follow, comment there as we make progress on fixing the documentation.

I just wanted to give this early warning in case anyone knows it will impact you, or in case you notice the test framework doesn't work the next time you try to use it with a recent build.



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