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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Future of Buckminster

Hi Thomas

That's good to know, but it's not just Buckminster itself.

Watching from the sidelines, in the last year this list has reported a rather more 'exciting' time for Tycho users whose new functionality did not align with existing Buckminster functionality. These are not problems in Tycho or Buckminster but in the scripts/tools that configure them.

A couple of months ago some performance/profiling facility was announced that only worked on Tycho.

It worries me that this is the thin end of the wedge. Buckminster itself is ok, but the extra Eclipse infrastructure will lag. Clearly the platform is going to drive Tycho rather than Buckminster from now on. It's unfair to expect the Buckminster team to play catchup on every Tycho goodie, but the world doesn't seem very fair.

If the world demands Maven, everyone who isn't fully on board for Maven starts to look like a dinosaur.


        Ed Willink

On 27/02/2013 15:06, Thomas Hallgren wrote:
The team behind Buckminster has every intention of keeping the tool stable and supported.

- thomas

On 2013-02-27 15:44, Pascal Rapicault wrote:

I don’t think this is the right reasoning to have. If Buckminster satisfies all your needs (stable, supported, etc), then you should keep it, especially considering that the switch of technology can be quite time consuming (we believe it took more a one-man year to do the whole conversion of the platform), and that there are features in Buckminster that are more powerful than those found in Maven/Tycho.


The platform had to move to Tycho/CBI to enable the LTS and Polarsys initiatives. I think that if it had not been for those reasons, the move to Tycho may have never occurred (or at a much slower pace). After all PDE Build still works well and has been stable for quite some time now.




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Is this a strong indication that Buckminster is doomed as in in-house technology, and that all projects that migrated to Buckminster should start to plan for a migration to Tycho?


        Ed Willink

On 25/02/2013 06:54, David M Williams wrote:

I think most are aware that we in the Platform (with help from many others) have been working to move our builds to use Tycho and Maven (instead of PDE Batch Builds) to build our deliverables. This is part of the "CBI efforts" and more specifically motivated by the Eclipse Foundation's LTS program.


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