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[cross-project-issues-dev] Reminders for Juno SR2 final steps

Now that I've completed my own "final prep", thought I'd remind everyone else.

There will be no "final confirmation that its ok to release" on Friday. The general rule is that you should check this cross project list for a "Wait ... don't release yet" message, but if you do not see one by 9 AM Friday, feel free to assume that all is ok and make your sites visible, etc. But once the EPP downloads and common repo are made visible (around 9 or 10 on Friday), I'll drop a short note here.

Here are some "final steps" that come to mind (though each project may have others):  

Make download sites and p2 repos available at final locations so they can be mirroring, but leave "invisible" or "disconnected", so they can not be downloaded early and swamp, before its time. It takes at least overnight to have enough mirrors not to impact, and 2 or 3 nights for a large number of mirrors -- all the more necessary for high-demand projects with lots of large artifacts.

This week or next, update your b3aggrcon files with your "final location" so the Juno aggregator could in theory be ran again. We don't plan to, but, you never know. (And, don't forget to update Kepler, if you are using the same input for that.)

Clean up intermediate builds or old releases (move them to archives) to free up space on mirrors, mostly, but doesn't hurt to free up space on

Don't forget to update "info center docs" if any of you have new docs or doc fixes for Juno SR2. You could open a new bug on infrastructure, or re-open the one used for original Juno Info Center.

Get ready for a relaxing weekend basking in the knowledge "we did it again!". :)

As always, please feel free to ask questions or raise issues here if anyone is having any here during these final days.
I hope everyone's final testing is going (or, went) well.

Thanks all.


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