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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Questions on Status and outlook for Kepler M5

No, we are not back to +0 and no, we never adjust the schedule (well, that's one of our principles, and I as far as I remember, that rule was bent just once in the last 6 years or so).

You can contribute M4 if you want to .... as long as it works and doesn't break others .... but in general, the ideal is that people use only APIs from other projects, and rely on a wide enough range in their pre-reqs, that they should not have to rebuild in a strict, rigid order (best to test on the latest, but typically a rebuild is not needed, by most projects, but of course your situation may be different if you use lots of "internals" from another project). Usually projects provide weekly builds so that you can build against a relatively recent build from "last week" for example, and most projects know to "ramp down" and make minimal changes the last week or so before a milestone.


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I’m with the stardust project and we are new to the simultaneous release train.
Actually we are working on the M5+3 build and I am a little bit confused about the M5a build. Hope you can clarify my questions for me.
-          Does the actual M5a build (available on mean we are back to M5+0 and the build schedule will be adjusted?
-          Must a project build against M5 (staging) to be in the official Kepler M5 or can we keep our M4 build for now? Because we depend on other projects (e.g. Birt) and if they do not update we can’t either.
Thanks a lot and kind regards,
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