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[cross-project-issues-dev] Juno SR2 RC2 "staging" repo is complete

This is a reminder that
now holds Juno SR2 RC2 content.

(Thanks goes to Markus for reminding me! :)

Besides leaving it untouched today (so EPP packages can be created, etc.) I will also leave it "as is" until late night Monday or early Tuesday to allow a few days for people to test with a constant repository.

And then it'll be "full speed ahead" for RC3! At this point of course, we'd expect each "crank" of the repo to contain fewer and fewer changes, but suspect there could still be some changes coming in that would impact some projects.

Remember that early "warmup" contributions can still be made for RC3, but they'll just run though the aggregator, and won't be promoted to .../releases/maintenance until late Monday or early Tuesday.


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