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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] CVS access to Orbit

This is an interesting suggestion...

but when the revision numbers are not the original CVS ones
(and for many repos also the module structure changed),
I'm not sure how much help that would be for the legacy cases
that Ed and others are interested in.

To me, the goal is not making our git repos CVS-accessible (we better use git for git).
The goal would be carrying forward some old functionality for old stuff rather than
breaking it, until the most relevant bits have been migrated.

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On 15-Jan-2013, at 2:22 PM, Denis Roy wrote:
> Maintaining pserver for all our old repos is possible -- after all, we've been doing it for 13 years!  But cvs is arguably no longer maintained, it has a habit of not always exiting cleanly leaving zombie processes, its archaic file locking is prone to errors and it is Yet Another Service your webmaster team would need to actively maintain.  We've added Git and Gerrit was simply too cool to pass up, so CVS just had to go.

I wonder how difficult it would be to set up a sandboxed git-cvsserver instance?  It serves up a CVS pserver from a git repository.  It does require being able to create a database within the repository's .git directory to map hashes to revision numbers (hence the sandbox), which I'd guess are synthesized and may not actually match the revision numbers used in our actual CVS repositories.

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