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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Disk usage report for Hudson/Build


For those who are curious to see GMF-Tooling disappeared from the top disk users and that would like to see there project consume less disk space, here is the GMF-Tooling recipe:

- maven-javadoc-plugin is the reason why GMF Tooling used to consume a lot of space
- Tycho provides easy and efficient ways to make sources available
- JDT and PDE are smart enough to show JavaDoc when sources are available.
- When you ship source features, this enables Javadoc in PDE/JDT
- So creating and shipping JavaDoc becomes useless in IDE while you provide sources.
- We removed maven-javadoc-plugin and rely only on source bundles. It does not affect users in their IDE, who still see JavaDoc from sources.
- Build is cleaner (one less complex maven-plugin)
- CI uses less disk space.

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