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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Eclipse Testing Lab (was: Performance, 3.8 versus 4.2)

On 09/07/2012 06:45 PM, Shawn Pearce wrote:
Given the recently raised news concerning 4.2's performance, and the
loss of testing hardware previously provided by some member companies,
Google's Open Source Programs Office is sending the Eclipse Foundation
a donation of $20,000 to purchase hardware and begin building a common
testing lab.
Thanks Google!
Some of this donation may also be used to support the common build
infrastructure, subject to Denis Roy's and Mike Milinkovich's
I think it would be interesting to spend some of this generous donation in a machine Code Quality Analysis. Tools such as Sonar provide very high-value feedback on code and help to spot defects and performance anti-patterns. It's probably one of the tools to set up at Eclipse that would provide the best Return On Investment.
This should also be one of the topics to be discussed as part of CBI.
For the record, here is the ticket requesting Sonar @Eclipse

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