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[cross-project-issues-dev] Two Orbit I builds to be removed from downloads

Two Orbit I-builds [1] were promoted today to "downloads" that (we think) have in incorrect bundle (fragment) manifest. We have reverted it, but since available such a short period of time, plan just to revert to previous version/qualifier, instead of incrementing qualifier with same content which might be confusing. And I think committers are thinking of removing it from active builds anyway leaving only previously released version available. So, didn't want the "higher qualifier" out in the wild.  It involved an old bundle (ch.qos.logback.slf4j 0.9.27) see bug 388140 [1] for gory details.
Hopefully no one has already updated their build URLs. I plan to do another promotion in a few hours to have to correct, reverted version so we can then leave that correct build/URL around until the next S-build.

Apologies if any inconvenience.

[1] I20120906163009        and I20120906005349

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