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[cross-project-issues-dev] Reminder we are in our final sprint for Juno SR1

I am sure everyone knows our schedule, but in case not, wanted to send a reminder that we are producing the Release Candidates for Juno SR1 the next three weeks in a row:

This means all code done by each Wednesday, results ready by each Friday.

As Release Candidates, we encourage adopters to test well, make sure any bugs they require are in, and that there have been no regressions.

We also expect contributing teams to try and make each RC as close to the "final release" as possible ... that is, don't do your planning thinking "lots of time left, we'll put in our few bug fixes during the final RC". Put them in now, then avoid changes in the final RCs, if possible, to improve stabilization and predictability.

I have put in the preliminary contribution from Eclipse and Equinox for Juno RC2 common repository (preliminary, since not everyone has signed off yet, and in theory might need a respin on Friday). This required the typical temporary  disabling of the RAP runtime and Scout runtime.

Expect more reminders soon :)

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