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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status and readiness for Kepler M1 - MAT project

> From: David M Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Still 26 projects not enabled for Kepler M1. 
> Can some one explain to me what this is about? Some passive aggressive 
> protest? Too many people take vacation all summer and don't even check 
> Eclipse mailing lists? 
> Are projects just indecisive and think a commitment now means it is a 
> written in stone promise (which is never the case). 
> I know one or two people have mentioned they have special problems that 
> will likely prevent participation in M1, but, 
> If I hear nothing, I'll assume the remaining 24 or so are dropping out, 
> and will remove those files from the 'master'  branch. 
> For those projects to rejoin later will take an exception since there's 
> requirement for those participating to "keep participating" or else 
> us all you no longer plan to. 
> The M4 deadline only applies to branch new projects, others (in previous 

> release) expected to be in M1. 
> Simultaneous_Release_Requirements#Integrate_Early_and_Often
> I should emphasize, if people do not want to be in sim. release, that's 
> fine. It is a voluntary choice, and does take some amount of extra work. 

> So, it doesn't mean you are a "bad project" or anything if you decide 
> to. 
> But, it is only common courtesy to keep us informed explicitly. 
> Thanks, 
> mat.b3aggrcon -
We would like MAT to be part of Kepler, but are having trouble enabling
it. Krum Tsvetkov had a password problem with EGit last week and is
out this week. I was out until today and I used EGit for the first time 
today and get a 

error occurred during unpacking on the remote end: unpack-objects abnormal 

message on a push. I'm seeing whether I need permission to do this:

Andrew Johnson

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