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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] EGit / line ending problems with simrel repo

Hi Robin,

Thank you for taking actions

More comments below...

Am 17.08.2012 17:28, schrieb Robin Rosenberg:
Eike Stepper skrev 2012-08-16 06.52:

I'm working on a Windows box and my clone of marks files dirty that I have not touched myself. Currently this is the case for:


My Git system config file contains:

       autocrlf = true

Egit displays no values for the *system* configuration in the properties view (UI bug? core bug? any bug??).

Egit displays a duplicate value ("[true][true]") for the *global* configuration in the properties view (UI bug? core bug? any bug??).

I cloned the simrel repo on Windows using the latest nightly build and nothing is marked dirty.
This morning I took the chance to zip up my clone when it bugged me again. I've sent it to your email address.

$ cat /u/.gitconfig
        email = robin.rosenberg@xxxxxxxxxx
        name = Robin Rosenberg

$ cat /etc/gitconfig
        symlinks = false
        autocrlf = true
        diff = auto
        status = auto
        branch = auto
        interactive = true
        packSizeLimit = 2g
        format = html
        sslCAinfo = /bin/curl-ca-bundle.crt
        smtpserver = /bin/msmtp.exe

[diff "astextplain"]
        textconv = astextplain
        autosquash = true

Eclipse finds the git system config in C:\Program Files\Git\etc\gitconfig and nothing looks strange in the config.

If I compare an unchanhged file with HEAD revison all lines are marked changed, so that's a bug.
"Good". Maybe that can serve as a route to the cause of my problems, too.



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