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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Bundle Version Management

Hi Ed

So, now for the questions:
  1.  Can anyone comment on why we've pretty much all ended up hard coding the license feature version rather than using 0.0.0 like we do for include and plugin declarations? 
Probably because the original blog did and all current code is derived from it.
  1. And the more general question, is there any value in hard coding the number even for include and plugin declarations?  I.e., does anyone hard code the version in of their feature.xml's plugin and include declarations rather than use 0.0.0?  If so, what's the value of a hard code number in that context, given it's more work to maintain it properly?
I've done so once, in work-in-progress incubation code linked to another incubation project whose APIs were very unstable.


        Ed Willink

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