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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] EGit / line ending problems with simrel repo

Eike (and Ed)

I'm the last person to be giving good advice about Git and EGit ... but that has never stopped me before :)

I always follow the advise in the Platform's workflow,
where they suggest
"Make sure that you set core.autocrlf = false and on Windows core.filemode = false. If you use EGit to clone the repository then this is done automatically for you. "
So ... have you tried  autocrlf = false? I think everyone should, no?

While there's obviously bugs and problems in this area, I think our simple goal is to always use LF (Unix EOLs) in all cases ... in the repo, in the working directory, and everything in between.

One complication is that sometimes (I think) EMF Serialization does not use the project preference for EOL when serializing the model. Only a few operations cause the whole model to be serialized, but some do, and then, I've seen, in the past, have the files change do to EOL problems.  ( (The bug was closed as invalid since a) no one else complained :) and b) didn't seem easy to fix.

Accordingly we've said, in the past, if you see files change for no good reason, and you can see nothing of substance changed, go ahead and commit them. You may be correcting a previously incorrect formatting or EOL and feedback in the past has been people find that less confusing (even though it may mean they may lose a comment or their favorite formatting).

I hope others have better advice, but that's the best I have.


From:        Eike Stepper <stepper@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Date:        08/16/2012 12:53 AM
Subject:        [cross-project-issues-dev] EGit / line ending problems with simrel        repo
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I'm working on a Windows box and my clone of marks files dirty that I have not touched myself.
Currently this is the case for:


My Git system config file contains:

                  autocrlf = true

Egit displays no values for the *system* configuration in the properties view (UI bug? core bug? any bug??).

Egit displays a duplicate value ("[true][true]") for the *global* configuration in the properties view (UI bug? core
bug? any bug??).

Hard reset with EGit does nothing (bug?).

Double-click on the dirty files in the staging view opens a Compare editor with no changes, both with or without "Ignore
Whitespace Changes" (bug?).

The only way for me to solve this is very strange: I have to open a native Git shell and just execute "git status". One
would think that's a pure read access command but mysteriously it removes the bogus changes from my workspace (or the
EGit index?).

The EGit team tries to blame the Platform Compare framework ( ),
which I can hardly believe. At no time in my 30 years computer life I had such fundamental problems with line ending
characters (which I believe are the root cause). This all started with the advent of EGit.

Am I the only one with these problems, so that I have to revist my config again (which I've done a hundred times already)?



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